SHENANIGANS is about communication - relating - flexible thinking - being open to new ideas - adapting to change - understanding context - and making friends. We use the techniques of improvisational theater to practice games and exercises that address the social challenges and rigid thinking of Asperger’s and other mild-to-moderate autism spectrum disorders.

Shenanigans fall classes and Code Breakers are now registering!

We welcome siblings and typically-developing peers to join in the fun, too!

Our weekly classes are held at locations around metro Atlanta and continue throughout the year. Jump in anytime! We also partner with service organizations and schools to bring our classes to even more children and adults.

Please contact us to ask how you can bring Shenanigans to your area.
Call 770.354.5770 or email us for more information and to register.

**Announcing Atlanta AUDITIONS for CIRCLES, a short film by Jesse Cramer**

Shenanigans is excited to be a production partner in this project that will authentically showcase a day in the life of neurodiverse individuals, without any of the stereotypes and melodrama often portrayed in popular culture and cinema. We believe the concept is groundbreaking in furthering autism understanding and acceptance of those affected by ASD. And it's going to be filmed in Atlanta!

The short will be submitted to film festivals worldwide in anticipation of a feature-length project that will follow the same concept.

Production is funded thanks to a generous donor, but we will need some more generous people to donate the peripherals - car rental for the Los Angeles crew, lodging, snacks and meals on set, and any other miscellaneous needs. If you're interested in helping out, please contact us.

See us on Atlanta's 11Alive news!