SHENANIGANS, our flagship program, is about communication - relating - flexible thinking - being open to new ideas - adapting to change - understanding context - having fun and making friends. We use the techniques of improvisational theater to practice games and exercises that address the social challenges and rigid thinking of Asperger’s and other mild-to-moderate autism spectrum and related conditions.

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We're starting off our new life as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a new corporate name: Autism Improvised. We thought this would be a good time to redefine ourselves a bit and introduce a name for our organization that better reflects our expanding focus and programs. Shenanigans, Code Breakers, and Bright Paths are all now nestled happily under the the wings of Autism Improvised.

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Our newest program, Bright Paths, addresses the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of young women ages 15-19, including those with Asperger's and compatible conditions, as they transition to adulthood. Our Decatur group is going strong, and we are now forming a group in the Kennesaw area.

We have received our exempt status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit! We hope that, with your support, we can build a scholarship fund to allow more people to benefit from our programs, and we can grow a stronger organization for the long term. If you'd like to be a part of our success, please click on the Donate button on the left.

Autism Improvised is now approved by the Georgia Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation as a direct services provider.

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Georgia Tech's Excel, an inclusive postsecondary academy, through our Code Breakers program.

Our weekly classes are held at locations around metro Atlanta and continue throughout the year. We also partner with service organizations and schools to bring our classes to even more children and adults.

Want to see Shenanigans, Code Breakers, and Bright Paths in your area? We're always looking for new opportunities to bring our activities to more neighborhoods.

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Autism Improvised is excited to be a production partner in CIRCLES, a short film project written and co-directed by Jesse Cramer. Circles is a story that authentically showcases a day in the life of individuals with autism, without any of the stereotypes and melodrama often portrayed in popular culture and cinema. With a neurodiverse cast and crew, including over 80% with autism, we believe the concept is groundbreaking in furthering autism understanding and acceptance.

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The short will be submitted to prominent film festivals in anticipation of a feature-length project that will follow the same concept.

We still need funding to help Circles gain recognition through film festival submissions. If you're interested in helping out, please contact us.

Click here to see the CIRCLES feature our Atlanta NBC affiliate 11Alive did on the filming.